Fernanda Vicentin

I am Fernanda Vicentin, the photographer who captures candid moments and creative portraits.

I believe that photography has the power to register a person’s character, a family tradition and a whole generation’s values.

I also believe that photography is timeless so I photograph for the family, friends, and generations to come.

Today people snap tons of pictures per week but when I ask them for their favorite photograph from the past year they always say that the pictures are in the computer or in the cloud somewhere. So, what is the point of snapping photos all the time? Well, to share instantly for sure but when it comes to leaving a legacy, hiring a professional photographer is the best choice.

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I photograph milestones: baptisms, birthdays, sports practices and competitions, events and my passion is to register an ordinary day and tell the many stories the family creates.

How valuable are the moments together playing, sharing a meal, getting ready to go to school or reading a book at bedtime? The relationship of each member of the family is captured in their eyes, tears, and laughers.

What story do you want to tell?

Reach out to me!

Toronto and WhatsApp: +1 416 458-3021

São Paulo: 11 99932-3800

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A little more about me

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